Roadmap or Great Furry War v2

Banner of the Great Furry War v2

2048. Honey Front.

Creation of the ETH Community

Formation of a reliable and close-knit community of CyberBearz 2048 holders.


Background staking is immediately available, in which NFT brings $CYBERSODA every day (the amount depends on the rank of CyberBear), without the need to hold it on another smart contract. This will allow creating the second generation of NFTs, as well as taking part in the life of the community and solving important issues in the development of BearzVerse.


A community wallet will be created. Part of the ETH will be immediately allocated to the community wallet. The wallet will be funded from royalties and the BearzVerse ecosystem.


Full integration of NFT CyberBearz 2048 characters with CyberBearz The Game on BNB Chain.

Evolution and contribution to WEB3

Integration of CyberBearz 2048 into other metaverses of Web3 projects. Forming a partnership to enable the use of NFTs in the form of 2D, 3D and VX avatars. Projects for partnership will be selected by the community and should be of interest to it.

ARMY. Wormy Front.

Community strengthening

Most dedicated CyberBearz Army holders will move into OG CyberBearz 2048 and receive at least 1 NFT airdrop (subject to full mint). Thus, they will be rewarded for their participation and contribution to the development of the community.

CyberBearz Army

The game is made for the money of the holders and for the holders, therefore, those who believe in the project and hold NFT or mine $CYBERCOLA, if our plans are successfully implemented, will be in for pleasant surprises.


More than 10% of NFTs are currently involved in $CYBERCOLA mining. We will make sure that this harmless occupation bears fruit in the future.

Launch of CyberBearz The Game

Launch is divided into three main phases:

Launch of P2E Marketplace

We decided to move gaming marketplace the CyberBearz The Game into a separate product (the name is still a secret) and make it thematic. What does it mean? This means that the marketplace will only have gaming NFTs that are of more value than just art or a symbol of the community. By focusing only on the gaming community, we will draw attention to BearzVerse and bring more value to the development of real WEB3-Gaming.

Building a gaming community

Initially, CyberBearz Army was created as an artistic NFT project. Therefore, we have yet to attract players who will be interested in the game.

Integration of other projects in BearzVerse

Involving other projects in BearzVerse that are similar in spirit and graphics will bring in a new audience and make CyberBearz more popular in the WEB3 environment.

Game Application

After the release of CyberBearz The Game, the development of a mobile version of the game on popular platforms will begin.

Multichain development

It is important to note that evolution WEB3 allows you to go beyond one blockchain, connecting other systems with each other. We will also move in this direction, as we do not focus only on BNB Chain.



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CyberBearz / BearzVerse

CyberBearz is a popular and unique design collection of NFT tokens on different blockchains. It was launched on April 2, 2021. CyberBearz is part of BearzVerse.