Great Furry War

CyberBearz / BearzVerse
7 min readDec 12, 2021

The birth of the metaverse. BearzVers.

We are officially announcing that everything related to CyberBearz is part of the BearzVers. We will try to connect all the pieces of the puzzle into a single coherent system in order to build a new fascinating universe that could stand on a par with other popular franchise, both born on the blockchain and outside it.

And everyone who was at the origins of this metaverse, who voted with dollars and activity, will be rewarded in the future, as they will receive a valuable piece of this story.

But to become popular CyberBearz will need to go through many stages, and you must have patience and be charged with enthusiasm in order to actively participate in the life of the community. Any of your actions aimed at supporting BearzVerse will not be in vain. Every member of the community is important. But only the most dedicated members of the community will be rewarded in the future, thanks to the joint efforts and work on this project.

This will be the Great Furry War!

Great Furry War.

You know that bears are constantly involved in battles. On planets in water, in the sky and on earth, and in open space. Fluffy soldiers are not afraid of icy vacuum, tons of water above them, deserts with hellish heat, impenetrable jungle with poisonous insects. They will serve in any conditions, following the orders of the wise and old marshals who have gone through hundreds of battles. All they need is to have a cigarette in their teeth.

The command understands that in order to further liberate the planets from the enemy, as well as establish a bear peace in the galaxy, it is necessary to wage a war in several directions at once. So a new plan for a war on two fronts was developed.

Honey Front. The path to ETH.

CyberBearz 2048

We must again try to return to ETH, where pixel projects are now especially popular. This time CyberBearz will be from the space forces.

You will learn all the details later, but the working title of the CyberBearz 2048.

We will have to put in a lot of effort to sell this collection. Injuries from a past failure do not allow such launches to be lighthearted. But it is the collection on Ether that will give certain advantages and strengthen BearzVers. We will not make it complicated, it may not be a smart contract. The main task is to get out and gain a foothold on the ETH blockchain, try to get into TheSandbox and other developing metauniverses. And to raise additional funds for the development of the entire project.

What will be in this collection besides the unique and new CyberBearz?

Generation of $CyberSoda by each bear.


Perhaps not immediately, but it will definitely be possible to create new bears (usually these are children, but we will not have children) by crossing at least 2 others using $CyberSoda.

If successful, we will release a VX collection for all holders (and not only) for the avatar in TheSandbox and other metauniverses.

We will figure out how to use $CyberSoda in an interesting way and increase its value.

And much more… and more on that later.

You must understand that you already own tickets to enter this collection, and someone is actively selling these tickets at a low price. The conditions for getting into the whitelist, as well as the number of bears that you will need for this, we will keep secret for now until the official announcement. The new collection will have a small amount of NFT. Therefore, consider whether it is worth selling bears today or is it better to wait a bit.

A lot of bears are in random hands now, but we will not make this mistake in the future.

Launch pre-end Q1 2022

Wormy Front (yes, bears eat worms). The path to the Game.

The main reason why you need CyberBearz. And at this stage, we introduce squades.

Phase 1. The main currency of the game. Sweet $CyberCola


We are already working on the $CyberCola, which will become the main currency of the game. It will be only 4,096,000 tokens.

We have several goals. The first is to raise additional funds for the development of the game and the development of the project. The second is to reward experienced holders and an active community with a coin that will potentially have a value in the future.

The general fund will be divided into several limited parts:

Airdrop for those who hit the whitelist. And you will see the conditions shortly.

Small ICO or sale of tokens for investment in a project. The number of tokens for sale will be strictly limited. This will be available for a very short period.

And finally, the fun part is SquadMine. There are many who have bears due to their availability, but do you have enough bears to form squads to mine a coin? Now the previously useless bear ranks will play a role in how much $CyberCola you can mine per day. We will also introduce a little intrigue and will not tell you what combinations give the coin until the release.

The fund for SquadMine will be limited, so the $CyberCola supply will one day run out. After the release, you should hurry up to get the maximum number of tokens. There will also be random airdrops for holders in closed Discord.

Release, pre-start Q1 2022

Phase 2. A little about the Game.

3D CyberBear 🐻

We had 2 options, one of which meant making a quick and simple shooter with NFT tokens, which most likely after some time devalued all efforts and money invested.

We chose the second option. The most difficult one that requires a lot of resources and work. We know that you want to play today, but you must understand us.

We were silent about the game for so long, because we had to think through everything, combine the initial ideas, the essence of NFT, and most importantly, it was to give the players an opportunity to earn money. Therefore, we are still thinking over the economy of the game, and we started with it, and not with the gameplay (although it is also being created).

What is known about the game now (of course, some details may change):

⚡In the first stages, it is a browser game;
⚡There will be 2 types of gameplay: strategic/economic and 3D Shooter;
⚡Actions will unfold on one planet.

This should be interesting for 2 types of players and for those who do not want to play at all:

⚡ It will be possible to play a dynamic game and directly participate in battles;
⚡ You can play a semblance of an economic game and not play a 3D Shooter;
⚡ You can simply use the potential of the purchased NFTs for passive earnings;
⚡ You can do all of the above at the same time. We will try not to release an additional collection on the BSC unless absolutely necessary.

For now, we expect that 4,096 cards will be enough to start. And the main feature will be that you can rent out the NFT for other players for complete missions, but only if you have a squad of 5 bears. You will need at least 5 (10, 20, 15, etc.) NFTs to use the game potential of CyberBearz Army.

It has already been said that $TokenY will be the main currency in the game. And with a high degree of probability, without its presence, it will be impossible to start the game.

A marketplace supporting purchases for $TokenY will be created for the needs of the game and the exchange of internal items.

Preliminary, the alpha version will be released at the beginning of Q3 2022

Unification of two fronts. Crosschain or…

If all plans are realized and will be successfully continued, then we will try to combine the Honey Front and the Wormy Front into one, where the Space collection will fight in orbit, and the Army will continue to free the planet from enemies. And we will develop the universe based on the experience of other collections, our own idea and ideas of the community.

Nothing is impossible, if only it was interesting and necessary for someone…



CyberBearz / BearzVerse

CyberBearz is a popular and unique design collection of NFT tokens on different blockchains. It was launched on April 2, 2021. CyberBearz is part of BearzVerse.