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7 min readMar 18, 2022
CyberBearz 2048

In anticipation of the launch of a new collection, our team should tell you more about it. You should also know that this is the second collection on ETH (you can read the history of the first collection here) and the third collection of BearzVerse.

CyberBearz 2048 is still pixel art. All the same 32 by 32 pixels, but slightly redesigned and rethought, taking into account the development of the NFT. We have tried to make sure that each bear fits well in a circle or hex, which will allow you to have a CyberBear as an avatar.

We tried to take into account many graphic nuances, removed unnecessary emotions and accessories, reworked some colors and approach to generation. For example, a military uniform and headgear will drop the same color. Of course, the Admiral can only get a cap with an admiral’s badge. Ranks were the main feature of the CyberBearz Army, here they are also present but technically implemented more competently.

Now CyberBearz is visually closer to cyberpunk, we tried to saturate the collection with elements and colors that correspond to this style. But we hope that for you they will still remain cute and clumsy bears in military uniform.

A smart contract is now much more technologically advanced and more complex, it is a ready-made solution. If this collection is successful, we will expand and complement CyberBearz 2048. We can’t wait to work on a VX version for future holders.


And so, this time we are transported into space.

CyberBearz 2048 is a composition of Fluffy Fleet with its own military structure and special organization, part of the crew is sleeping in anticipation of awakening. The fleet transports ground armies between planets and coordinates combat missions. These bears are better equipped and have body modifications, they are larger and stronger than their relatives. There are no naked bears here, because this is forbidden by the regulations of the Furry Space Forces.

Due to the constant use of $CyberSoda, these bears have glowing eyes and sometimes teeth. The diet of the space fleet includes a large amount of stimulants, and therefore some soldiers develop characteristic color veins from the frequent use of cyber drinks.

Some bears get tattoos with the name of the Ordens, which are named after the furry soldiers’ favorite drinks. Each Orden will be introduced into the BearzVerse lore and is also needed for interaction within the community.


The collection consists of only 2,048 NFTs, which are divided into two generations and one intermediate state.

High Command

The first generation consists of 1,024 NFTs — these are the High Command or bears of the highest ranks, the officers who manage the space fleet. Strategists and great warriors with vast experience. You will be able to mint these NFTs once the collection is launched.

These guys are still sleeping in the Capsules

Capsules with non-activated Space Marines in Cyber77UP liquid. Each of the 1,024 capsules contains one bear, which arrives in a cryo-sleep. To activate the awakening protocol, you need a lot of $CyberSoda and the presence of two officers from the High Command generation. You will also need to use a small amount of $CyberSoda to open the Capsule.

Space Marine

The second generation of lower-ranking officers — Space Marine (of course, there are also 1,024 of them). These bears have lower ranks compared to High Command. As you may have guessed, they become available after opening the Capsules.

Ranks and $CyberSoda

We continue to build a military hierarchy among CyberBearz, and in the new collection, each token has its own rank. Before you do not know what rank your bear will have. But when you mint or open capsules, you will get a bear with a certain rank, randomly. This is written into the smart contract and immediately has its benefits.

So, each bear has a military rank, there are 9 such ranks in total. 4 ranks have High Command. Space Marine has 5 ranks, but here 2 ranks are the same and only determine the type of troops.


The ranks are associated with the $CyberSoda token. This delicious cyber drink is given out daily to each soldier, and it depends on the rank of the bear how many tokens he receives.

And so, the table of ranks and daily rations for each soldier:

Admiral — 12 $CyberSoda/Day
Chaplain — 10 …
Commissar — 8 …
Marshal — 8 …
Captain — 6 …
Specialist — 4 ..
Pilot — 4 …
Paratrooper — 3 …
Stormtrooper — 3 $CyberSoda/Day

Accordingly, the higher the rank, the lower the probability of such an NFT dropping out during a mint or opening the Capsule.

You can also rename your NFT with $CyberSoda to make the bear more unique.

The $CyberSoda token is part of BearzVerse and is already involved in the lore. It will serve as an assistant for the development of the community and the DAO, to which we will gradually move when the universe is firmly on its feet.

Some Features

Unfortunately, Dornn is not a cool artist as we would like, so we didn’t manage to make interesting legendary NFTs. But we still included some unique elements in the new collection.

Shadow Orden

There are 2 squads. These are the Shadow Orden and the Milky Orden. Completely black and white NFTs starring shadow bears. We will use these units in our stories and stories around the universe, weaving them into the plot. These NFTs will either be auctioned off (but most likely at a fixed price) or scattered in the first generation. In the first case, the funds from the sale will increase the budget for future development, given that the main collection will not have a high price.

Milky Orden

What will happen if we completely mint this collection?

So far, the NFT market is unpredictable and is developing chaotically, so we, as soldiers, must act only according to the situation, but even now we can identify important areas of the Honey Front:

First we would like $CyberSoda to be useful for holders. And so part of the funds will go to liquidity for this token.

We also need to gain a foothold in the popular project The Sandbox. To realize the potential of future VX models, we will need to buy some land for the BearzVerse.

TheSandbox × CyberBearz 2048 🤪

Also, we will follow the new product from Yuga Labs, they will present a project with crypto-earth and maybe it will make sense for us to purchase it.

The ETH collection will be integrated into a future game on BNB Chain and get full-fledged 3D models. Integration into the game will be started immediately after

This is just a small part of what can be done.

What happens if we don’t mint the entire collection?

We already have a sad experience when we completely failed at the launch of the very first collection on April 2, 2021. And unfortunately, failure is an integral part of the NFT industry today.

But we made CyberBearz 2048 with past mistakes taken into account, and this time the number of NFTs to mint is only 1,024. In fact, only about ~900 can be minted, because the remaining 100 will be distributed among the Elite OG officers who have been with CyberBearz and have been active for these six months (meaning the CyberBearz Army collection).

We have created several Ordens within the community and selected some guys who have experience in ETH collections or P2E games, to prepare the launch of this collection and game together.

Also, we will try to make friends with more famous projects on ETH in order to enlist their support and collaborate.

Of course, failure is not ruled out, but we will not abandon the collection, but will try to maintain it until the very end. After all, we have been here for a long time and we have a game in development.

In conclusion

We will not be in a hurry to launch CyberBearz 2048, although almost everything is ready now. We first need to gather an audience of new BearzVerse fans and then start.

Take another look at our CyberBearz 2048 website, maybe you’ll discover something new!

And join our Discord!



CyberBearz / BearzVerse

CyberBearz is a popular and unique design collection of NFT tokens on different blockchains. It was launched on April 2, 2021. CyberBearz is part of BearzVerse.